Right now, uncertainty in schools is an urgent and unique challenge.

Students are falling behind and risk significant problems ahead.

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Elementary teachers must cover many topics and often struggle themselves with understanding and teaching math the right way.

Current math curriculum is a product schools purchase to provide assignments and tests that measure students. These are proven to be ineffective in long term learning.

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Parents have more responsibility than ever to help with education, but math can be intimidating for children, parents, and even educators.

We’ve developed the leading math education program and are proud to offer it now to parents directly for the first time.

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Our program is based on the leading research in cognitive learning and math education and is proven to deliver lasting improvement.

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We empower parents to be a better resource in helping their child learn math, with hands-on support and live Q&A sessions to directly work with you as a partner.

The DMTI Complete Math Program is the #1 Math Education Program.

Here's what you get.

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Assessments and Targeted Activities

Identify where your child excels and struggles, then work with them on targeted activities to improve their math fluency and skills.

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Video Tutorials and Practice Sheets

Look up how to teach or learn a specific topic, watch a video and then complete the practice sheets.

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Full Curriculum of Content

Across grade level materials, watch lessons taught by our experts and then complete the curricular units


We’re here for you. With live Q&A sessions, email support, and hands-on help, you don’t have to do this alone.

Math Pack

All the physical items you would need for every activity we offer.

Constant Updates

We are always adding new content and new features, and using customer feedback to constantly improve.

Standardized testing is just that.

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DMTI has developed the only scientifically-proven program that accurately measures your child's math ability and identifies strengths and weaknesses.

How does it work?

We've built our math program based on a framework of 5 pillars:

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We use specific structural language which has been proven to help students solidify concepts

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We listen to students to identify how to build on what they already know

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Physical, visual, and symbolic representation and modeling is key to understanding and solidifying concepts

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Knowing how and why math works expands a child's ability to solve problems.

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Scientifically-proven assessment tools that measure a child's understanding and uncover areas for improvement

The Complete Math Program is broken down into fundamental dimensions of math depending on your child's skill or grade level.

Primary Math

Typically children pre-K through 2nd grade

Spacial Reasoning IconNumber Facts IconNumber Sequencing IconRelational Thinking IconInterpreting Context IconMeasurement Icon

Intermediate Math

Typically children in 3rd through 6th grade

Algebraic Reasoning IconMultiplication & Division Fluency IconFraction Concepts IconRatio & Proportion Concepts IconPlace Value and Decimal Concepts IconGeometric Measurement Icon

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Screener (K-6)
Targeted Activities
24/7 Access
Video Lessons
Varied Practice Sheets
Full Curriculum




Screener (K-6)
Targeted Activities
24/7 Access
Video Lessons
Varied Practice Sheets
Full Curriculum




Screener (K-6)
Targeted Activities
24/7 Access
Video Lessons
Varied Practice Sheets
Full Curriculum




Screener (K-6)
Targeted Activities
24/7 Access
Video Lessons
Varied Practice Sheets
Full Curriculum

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