About the program

improve math skills and find resources

A study with over 36,000 children proves that MATH is the #1 most important subject learned, and the primary indicator for FUTURE academic SUCCESS.

Over the past 25 years, I’ve been helping schools improve their math instruction and curriculum, so children develop the RIGHT skills to have a successful academic AND professional career.

We’ve decided to create a FREE assessment tool that you can access which will identify where your child’s strengths and weaknesses are in math, and what it could mean for their academic future.


Our Solution

Did you know that strong math skills are an early indicator of your child’s future academic success?

A Leading Math Researcher developed a FREE Assessment Tool that helps predict your child’s future academic success & struggles.

Math Success

PMA Screening

The PMA screener identifies your child's areas of strength and weakness. It is a research-based, universal tool that screens and diagnoses children on 6 domains that predict future success in math. We then provide targeted resources - activities, books, games, and other tools that your child specifically needs to succeed in math and in life.