We are currently partnering with over 100 schools in 18 districts. These administrators and teachers trust us with ensuring their students are building a solid foundation in mathematics.

When asked what sets us apart from other math professional development or curriculum companies, here is what they had to say.

Genessee Hill Elementary

Portrait of Paula Henn

Paula Henn

Assistant Principal,
Genessee Hill Elementary

"What sets DMTI apart from any Professional Development I have experienced and witnessed is how comprehensive and far reaching the learning happens. The accessibility of Jonathan and his team throughout the school year by virtual zoom meetings and in person modeling of lessons followed by debriefing with teachers is another area that sets them apart from all other professional development. All their methods are based on research that gives us all confidence in what we are doing. Through ongoing assessments, we are seeing significant improvement in student understanding, use of vocabulary, explaining their thinking, and building confidence to engage in deeper discourse."

Dallas County School District

  • 54F rating to 71C rating in 1 year
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Chinita Irby


"DMTI are partners in the educational journey of our students and teachers. The quality professional development support is based in real-time. It is not generic. The professional development is based on the current needs of the students and teachers."

LaShaunda Jones

Kindergarten Teacher

"It actually goes along with the standards and is on a kid-friendly level. The way my kids understand math allows for more critical thinking and has my kids do more of the work than a traditional program."

Wyconda Lewis

Fifth Grade Teacher

"DMTI is different than other organizations that might appear to be similar because DMTI offers teaching strategies that are new to our students and gives our students the opportunity to use their critical thinking skills. The exposure to this type of thinking is so valuable to start at the kindergarten level and remain consistent throughout the school years."

LeQuita Carter

Third Grade Teacher

"The wealth of knowledge that (DMTI staff) bring to the classroom makes my job less stressful. The strategies of using models, teaching techniques, and even classroom management strategies help me know what to do next and how to do it. (DMTI math specialists) are approachable."

Nampa School District

  • Iowa Elementary school in the Nampa School District have made consistent gains in their standardized math scores each year while they implemented DMTI embedded professional development and DMTI curricular resources.
  • Iowa Elementary averaged 25% gains in SBAC scores across 3 years in all grade levels
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Dr. Kelli Rich

Elementary Math Director & Coach

"The resources from DMTI have proven to be one of the biggest assets to our classrooms. Not only are students experiencing high levels of understanding, but we have found the resources to have a huge impact on teacher knowledge as well!"

Tiffany Free

Third Grade Teacher

I have seen tremendous results working with DMTI experts and my principal in my level of math instruction and my students’ knowledge of math. They are able to be flexible with their thinking and manipulate numbers in ways I never knew was possible.

Becky Stucki

Kindergarten Teacher

Our work with DMTI has helped make numbers, quantity, and other mathematical concepts tangible rather than abstract for students. The understanding of the structures of math for teachers gives us the ability to anticipate, respond to, and even welcome students’ misunderstandings and misconceptions.

Chance Whitmore


"Iowa Elementary was fortunate to collaborate with Dr Brendefur and the DMTI team. In my four years as principal at Iowa, our collaboration produced amazing results as Iowa moved from under 20% proficient in math to over 50% two years later."