Now I understand why my students struggled with math for so many years. I never realized before how often I would teach them tricks and gimmicks to learn math concepts that were actually foundational to more difficult topics we were going to learn later. I find myself doing a much better job of focusing on the big concepts and helping them see the connections between things I never knew were related. (DMTI) has reinvigorated my teaching. I wish I could do my first 20 years of teaching all over again!

6th Grade Teach – Caldwell School District

Having (DMTI staff) in my classroom was the best experience! My kids loved having an expert teach them. I learned more from team teaching that 45 minute lesson than I could have possibly imagined. It was so helpful!

5th Grade Teacher – Cassia School District

If I had been taught math this way I think I would have loved it and actually been a math teacher. I never thought I would say this, but I actually look forward to our summer math workshops with (DMTI). They have been the best professional development I have ever been involved with.

4th Grade Teacher – Minidoka School District

Using the (DMTI) modules to teach fractions was the best thing I did all year. I struggled with fractions when I was a student and never felt comfortable teaching fractions to my kids. But, the modules helped me understand fractions in a much deeper way and my kids are stronger with their fraction understanding than I ever thought they could be this early in the year.

3rd Grade Teacher – Vallivue School District

I love using the common assessments to guide my lesson plans. I would never think of the types of problems that are on the assessments, and our textbook doesn’t have nearly as many questions that challenge students to think as deeply as the (DMTI) assessments do. I found that when I kept the common assessments in mind while I taught, I covered topics more in depth than ever before.

1st Grade Teacher – Blaine School District

I have never loved teaching math as much as I have this year. Learning all of these teaching strategies from (DMTI) has made math come alive in my classroom. My students are further along now than any class I’ve ever taught before.

Kindergarten Teacher – Caldwell School District

Just wanted to write a short message to you about how grateful we have been for the additional professional development that has been provided this year to support our teachers. Our team has found this professional development highly beneficial and fresh; meaning it is new material and not something our teachers had already seen before. Thanks so much for providing this opportunity, we think you are amazing and always appreciate your concise and articulate style of teaching. Thank you all for the work you do to support our teachers.

Steve LaBau – Lake Ridge Elementary