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MTI - Mathematical Thinking for Instruction

question mark icon Have you ever wondered why your students struggle with foundational concepts such as counting or place value?
question mark icon Do you wish your students had better fluency and flexibility with the four operations or even stronger basic fact fluency?
question mark icon Does it seem that no matter how many lessons you spend on fraction concepts your students are still confused?
light bulb icon This course will provide you with practical ways to support your students' understanding of math concepts and procedural fluency.


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June 10-11 and August 8, 2019

8:30 am to 3:30 pm with online assignments in between


Blaine County School District
(exact location will be sent to participants)



Credits Earned

3 BSU Credits available for $180
Mandatory for the state requirement


K-8 Math strategies designed to improve students' achievement in mathematics

K-8 Course

Learn research-based practices for the following concepts

Place Value
Number Sense
Whole Number Operations
Proportional and Algebraic Reasoning
Fact Fluency
Fractions and Decimals