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Thinking Institute

DMTI is a professional development and math curricular resource company that partners with you to help children significantly increase their math scores while learning to love mathematics.

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A majority of students don't receive the math foundation they need

Most people believe students should be taught number topics first. However, Spatial Reasoning and Measurement are two predictors of success in math and should be incorporated early and throughout their education.

Proven Results that Change Lives

Our mission is to empower 5 million children and their teachers to better understand math, improve mathematical thinking, and better relate it to real life.

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How does it work?

Our curricular resources include virtual seminars, varied practice worksheets, a video tutorial library that is constantly growing, parent activities, and much more.

We increase overall math scores for students by 25-50% by providing educators a 5-part framework that makes math understandable to teach and engages students to learn.


Listening for students' understanding of math concepts and building on what they already know


How we physically, visually, and symbolically represent math is key to a student's understanding


Knowing how and why math concepts work expands one's ability to problem-solve


Structural language allows us to share our ideas and communicate mathematically and helps solidify concepts


Diagnosing and continually assessing a child's understanding of math is critical to improving their success

We are changing the way Math is taught and understood.

People around the country are already seeing the benefits of DMTI solutions. See what these real educators are saying.

"The accessibility of (DMTI) throughout the school year by virtual zoom meetings and in-person modeling of lessons followed by debriefing with teachers is another area that sets them apart from all other professional development"

Paula Henn
Assistant Principal
Genesee Hill Elementary

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