The DMT Institute offers math
professional development and
curricular resources.

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The Big Idea

Mathematics is a complex topic and can be intimidating to many students. Math can also be challenging for adults. Unfortunately, over 90% of school systems only test and teach a small portion of the many interconnected parts of mathematics – leaving wide gaps in students’ future learning capabilities. DMTI offers a thorough, research-based approach to math education that addresses all foundational aspects of what it means to learn, and love, mathematics.

Professional Development

DMTI offers professional development for teachers to enhance their knowledge and improve their math instruction.

Curricular Resources

DMTI offers solutions to schools and parents.


The Primary Math Assessment (PMA) can be used to predict children's areas of math strengths and limitations.

Unique Approach

The Developing Mathematical Thinking (DMT)
approach has five interrelated components.

1. Building on students’ ideas
2. Modeling the mathematics
3. Creating conceptual and procedured knowledge
4. Infusing structual language
5. Addressing misconceptions


Our Solution

The Developing Mathematical Thinking Institute (DMTI) is dedicated to enhancing students’ learning of mathematics by supporting educators in the implementation of research-based instructional strategies through high-quality professional development, curricular resources and assessments. Here is how we Develop Mathematical Thinking.

Complete Math Program

Professional Development

Customized professional development and workshops for schools and math educators to augment teaching process, skill sets, and overarching quality of learning experiences for students.

Ongoing Embedded Support

Next, we take you through a progressive and systematic process to develop and use a curriculum that improves the math learning experiences for both educators and students.


Average increase in math class test scores


Schools 27 districts in 7 states are working with DMTI


Years of dedication to help improve people’s lives through math


People impacted and educated by DMTI’s proven method


DMTI promises all our partners to see an increase in their math test scores & overall satisfaction

Our Team

The Developing Mathematical Thinking Institute (DMTI)

Jonathan Brendefur, PhDPresident

Sam StrotherDirector of Professional Development

Jackie Ismail, PHDMathematics Instruction Specialist

Keith KroneMathematics Instruction Specialist

Jana EstesMathematics Instruction Specialist

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Math Pack

The DMTI Math Pack ensures you have all the tools you need to complete the official DMTI Activities. The tools provide an engaging and effective learning experience proven to help children achieve success. There are two options: Basic and Advanced.

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