Math Apps

Math Apps

DMTI offers games and apps designed to provide practice of the critical skills taught in the Instructional Units. These can be used on their own, in coordination with instructional units, and as an intervention based on our assessments.

Math Fluency With Sports

Build fluency skills in either addition and subtraction or multiplication and division by playing 10 different games within each of our two apps. Math Fluency with Sports uses realistic sports and activities. The games are extremely engaging and fun, allowing children and adults to play and compete with each other. Have a blast while mastering fluency and strategies using real world sports!

Kids playing fraction blast

Fraction Blast

Learn fractions and never forget them! Develop the skills, concepts, visualization and language necessary to be successful with fractions.


Dino Dice: +,–

Dino Dice challenges first-graders through adults to add and subtract whole numbers and integers while also focusing on greater than and less than skills. This math game uses different dice to improve your addition and subtraction skills. You must first determine which one is greater and which one is lesser. The first two game types involve whole numbers and are ideal for children starting at age 6 to improve their fluency. The second two game types use integers which will challenge elementary students and allow middle schoolers and adults to improve their fluency with positive and negative numbers!


I’ve always struggled with the differentiation piece of teaching but my high kids were able to think deeper and extend the learning on their own. It was amazing to me.

Karen- 1st Grade Teacher

DMTI offers many different services and products to support you as you teach kids to both understand and love mathematics. Our awesome team of professionals is driven to help you succeed in the classroom.


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