Intervention Materials

Intervention Materials

DMTI provides many options for intervention from assessments to summer and after school programs. Find out more below!

My 1st graders completely soared. I have a little group of 2nd graders that are real strugglers. Their scores are the lowest of the low but they made gains and understood concepts. I know if I would have been teaching anything else, they would not have progressed as they did. It’s amazing.

Kelli- 1-2 Combo Teacher

Kids working with math blocks

Primary Math Assessment (PMA)

The PMA is designed for K-2 grade students to identify gaps. Targeted Activities help build foundational skills that are cirtical for success.

  • Screener and Diagnostics for 6 predictive topics: Facts, Sequencing, Context, Relational Thinking, Measurement and Spatial Reasoning
  • Individual, Classroom and School Reports
  • Includes Targeted Activities for each topic

Intermediate Math Assessment (IMA)

The IMA is designed for 3-6 grade students to identify gaps. Targeted Activities help build foundational skills that are critical for success.

  • Screener and Diagnostics for 7 key topics: Multiplication and Division, Fraction Concepts, Place Value, Decimal Concepts, Ratio and Proportion, Algebraic Reasoning and Geometric Measurement
  • Individual, Classroom, and School Reports
  • Individual Targeted Activities for each topic

Targeted Activities

These targeted intervention activities are based on student assessment results and are perfect for individual or small groups of students. Games and activities can be incorporated into lessons and/or played multiple times to build key developmental understandings.

  • Fun games and activities that can be played multiple times to build key developmental understandings.
  • Includes an instructional video

Sample K-2 Activities Sample 3-6 Activities


Math Fact Fluency

Math fact fluency is a critical skill that students need to master in order to succeed in their future mathematical endeavors.

DMTI Math Fact Fluency Book:

  • Learn why fluency is important and why kids struggle to learn math facts
  • Learn four strategies for improving students fluency and flexibility for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division

DMTI Online Games to Test and Strengthen Fluency:

DMTI Math Probes Track Fluency Rates:

      • Math 2-Minute Probes: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division

Video Tutorials with Practice Worksheets

DMTI offers over 150 short videos with accompanying varied practice worksheets to reinforce the lessons taught in the core instructional units.

Supplemental Curricular Resources

In addition to the above resources, these can also be used for additional unit intervention, lesson reinforcement, and extra practice. Included are over 150 video tutorials with accompanying worksheets showcasing teaching strategies for a variety of math topics. These activities cover critical dimensions that are foundational to the art of learning mathematics.



I love sharing the magic you all worked on with our Summer Academy students. Of the students who attended 70% showed growth. Of those 70%, 67% of them made 2 years growth, 25 % made 1.5 years growth, and the rest showed 1 year growth!

Jennie- District Administrator


My entire 1st grade class was at grade level by the end of the year. That had never happened before!


DMTI offers many different services and products to support you as you teach kids to both understand and love mathematics. Our awesome team of professionals is driven to help you succeed in the classroom.


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