About Us

About Us

Developing Mathematical Thinking Institute (DMTI) was founded out of a passion to help every teacher, parent, student, and administrator engage in successful math experiences. Our team is made up of veteran educators who have taught at all levels and enjoy providing support both in and out of the classroom. We know that math can be rewarding and fun for all involved!

We have made tremendous growth the last two years and I attribute it directly to this work. There is something extremely powerful about watching students taking control of the learning because the know that their teacher respects their thinking.

Elementary Principal

Our work as educators is driven by the belief that we support the implementation of math instruction that brings life-changing results. Our foundational statement is “Math Success. Life Success.” We want to support that success through our partnerships.

Our team has developed English and Spanish digital and print curricular resources, primary and intermediate diagnostics (including targeted activities), apps, a parent portal (with resources), and more. DMTI partners with you to provide effective, engaging math resources and professional development.

We love being in classrooms working directly with students and teachers - we are available to provide classroom-based model lessons!

To understand how teachers’ instruction through DMTI professional development and curricular resources has increased student achievement, click below to read more about our Instructional Framework, results, and testimonials.