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DMTI has a number of resources available to help parents

DMTI Math Pack

All the supplies you'll need for every DMTI activity
in one simple package.

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Fluency Probes (Free)

These 2-minute fluency probes randomly select items to give you an accurate assessment of your addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts. After completion you will be shown the percent correct you attempted and overall and your average time per item. Then, you can click to see which items you missed.

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Sample Targeted Activities (Free)

Sample some of our video lessons and activities to see how our program works. Content is grouped by concept.

Kindergarten - 2nd Grade3rd Grade - 6th Grade

Mobile Apps

Math Fluency with Sports (Addition & Subtraction)

Master fluency in addition and subtraction skills by playing 11 different games. Math Fluency with Sports – Addition and Subtraction Edition provides realistic sports scores and asks you to determine the total and difference in scores or to add or subtract different sport times.

Math Fluency with Sports (Multiplication & Division)

Build your multiplication and division skills by playing 10 different games with a sport theme. Each sport has multiple stages and allows you to compete against yourself and others to see how fast you can multiply and divide single and multi-digit numbers, integers, fractions, and decimals.

Fraction Blast

Learn fractions and never forget them! Develop the skills, concepts, visualization and language necessary to be successful with fractions.

Recommended Books & Games

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We have searched everywhere and found the best books and games that teach mathematical concepts in an engaging and fun way.

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